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Interview for Arkas SASEBO Concert Hall Magazine “Compass”

Tuesday September 19th, 2017

1. As you won the first prize of the 15th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition, and I understand you have played in many recitals successfully since then in Japan. I am wondering what kind of environment you have grown up – especially the city you grew Gorizia in Italy? Could you tell me about the city and the environment? I grew up in an actually quite peculiar ambient: both my parents are pianists, but it is not this fact that makes it so special; in fact many musicians grow up in an already musical envinronment. My specialty was perhaps that my father had a small class of very good pianists and we often met and exchanged many ideas. Of course the city of Gorizia is very small and does not offer much from a cultural point of view, so the three of us had somehow to “ricreate” an inner world of inspiration. The result was of course very different from any other “academy” or “music school” in which there are hundreds of musicians. But I have to admit that this saved me; I was in my own little world, not knowing much about the outside world, studying with my father, who is a great teacher and person, and researching on my own with few close friends. Is there something better? Yes, maybe the even more positive thing was that at the same time I was attending a scientific high school, which literally opened my mind in an incredible way and on the most diverse disciplines. I am extremely thankful to the way that I grew up.

2. What was your first opportunity to start studying piano?

I started more or less at age 5, with my mother who is also an excellent pedagogue, especially for young kids. I was not very “peaceful” as a child, and of course didn’t want to practice much, but it was anyways fun.

3. How do you find the “attractiveness” of your instrument, piano?

I love my instrument, from every point of view. I love the fact that it is so polyphonic and one can try to ricreate an entire orchestra on this instrument. This is often my goal, to let the piano sound as an orchestra. I love the different color palette that every pianist can achieve and that makes every performer so different. I also like fact that the structure is so clear, and one can really be the conductor of himself at the piano.

4. For the concert this time, you will perform with Maestro Kazuki Yamada and Yokohama Sinfornietta, what is your impression about the Maestro Yamada and the orchestra?

I’ve never worked before with them so I just know something from youtube recordings. I have to say that Maestro Yamada seems to me a great conductor in the great tradition of power and wonderful taste, so I am really looking forward to work with him and the Yokohama Sinfonietta.

5. You are performing the “Emperor” concerto this time. Could you tell us the major and attractive point of this repertoire? And what kind of things the audience may be able to focus listening to this piece, do you think?

Beethoven in general is probably the most universal composer all time. Literally every one of us can find something in common with this great message of humanity and freedom. The “Emperor” is probably the most famous concerto, and it is written in the same key of the “Eroica” Symphony, E-flat Major. The atmosphere of greatness of the first mouvement is clearly stated from the very beginning of the introduction, in which with few chords Beethoven manages to give us a powerful boost of energy that will hold its tension until the very end. The second mouvement is one of the most ethereal music ever conceived, and leaves every listener without a breath. The Finale is a glorious dance which leads, throughout many different modulations and therefore colors to an ecstatic end.

6. Could you give us and the audience of classical music fans in Sasebo some messages?

Dear audience, I wish very much that every seat will be full and that you will enjoy the wonderful music that we are going to ricreate for you! I am looking forward to coming to Sasebo and sharing all my ideas and inner power.

Thank you very much for your time, Mr. Gadjiev. We will edit the information and your answers and will be published as an article at the end of June:  “Compass Summer Edition Magazine”

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing you here in Sasebo in September!

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