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    Literary Fantasies
    "Fantasie letterarie", il nuovo disco che cerca di indagare le intime relazioni tra letteratura e musica. Attraverso brani di Schumann e Liszt, intraprende una ricerca sulla sinestesia di parola e suono, e, durante l'intenso percorso emotivo ed intellettuale, presenta alcuni tra i capolavori del pianismo ottocentesco.
Literary Fantasies(September 2017)
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  • 1. Franz Liszt : Sonetto del Petrarca n.47 Benedetto sia 'l giorno
  • 2. Franz Liszt : Sonetto del Petrarca n.104 Pace non trovo
  • 3. Franz Liszt : Sonetto del Petrarca n.123 I' vidi in terra angelici costumi
  • 4. Robert Schumann : Kreisleriana op.16 Ausserst bewegt
  • 5. Robert Schumann : Kreisleriana op.16 Sehr innig
  • 6. Robert Schumann : Kreisleriana op.16 Sehr aufgeregt
  • 7. Robert Schumann : Kreisleriana op.16 Sehr langsam
  • 8. Robert Schumann : Kreisleriana op.16 Sehr lebhaft
  • 9. Robert Schumann : Kreisleriana op.16 Sehr langsam
  • 10. Robert Schumann : Kreisleriana op.16 Sehr rasch
  • 11. Robert Schumann : Kreisleriana op.16 Schnell und spielend
  • 12. Franz Liszt : Après une Lecture de Dante - Fantasia quasi Sonata
  • 13. Robert Schumann : Fantasiestück op.111 n.2
Alexander Gadjiev
Musical exposure and Central European culture: Alexander Gadjiev owes the first to his family, with both parents being piano teachers and musicians, and the second to Gorizia – his city of origin – a natural crossroads of peoples, cultures and languages. These factors have both had a determining influence on...
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Concerto n.3 op.26
Concerto n.1 op.35
Chaconne in d minor
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“To send light into the darkness of men's hearts - such is the duty of the artist.”
Robert Schumann
What people say
Speciale, unico
Alexander Gadjiev è un pianista speciale, unico. Nella sua generazione, così ricca di talenti straordinari, spicca per fantasia, originalità, invent... (See more...)
Davide Cabassi
Member of the Artistic Commitee of Busoni Competition
Forte personalità
Il vincitore, diciannovenne Alexander Gadjiev, a mio parere, è una delle più forti personalità del nuovo pianismo europeo. Conosce perfettamente i r... (See more...)
Mario Messinis
Artistic director of Bologna Festival
Elegance and passion
Alexander Gadjiev has a rare ability to hypnotize the audience with his storytelling. His Bach Busoni Chaconne was one of the highlights of the entire ... (See more...)
Sergei Babayan
World famous Pianist and pedagogue
Beyond the traditional
His strength lies in the originality and creativity of his interpretation. It is based on tradition, but goes well beyond the traditional confines of m... (See more...)
Ms. Akiko Ebi
Chairman of the IX Hamamatsu
Today we finally have a new generation of young interpreters who go far beyond the concept of “school”, well-rounded musicians who can approach recitals and chamber music with equal intensity, escaping the pitfalls of globalization thanks to their critical thinking and personality. Alexander Gadjiev is one of them. His technique, consummate yet never flashy, is always at the service of musical expression. He is a flexible and subtle interpreter, thanks to his sensitivity and intelligence, and coupled with his tireless curiosity, he is capable of handling a wide-ranging repertoire. With him any score is in the best hands possible. " data-author-image="" data-author-title="Enrico Bronzi" data-author-subtitle="World famous cellist">
Today we finally have a new generation of young interpreters who go far beyond the concept of “school”, well-rounde... (See more...)
Enrico Bronzi
World famous cellist
Fuori dagli schemi
Conosco Alexander Gadjiev da alcuni anni: ascoltarlo dal vivo e poterne seguire l'evoluzione é sempre stato per me motivo di soddisfazione, ma poterne... (See more...)
Maurizio Baglini
DECCA artist
Great talent
Alexander Gadjiev is a pianist of great talent; a natural and imaginative relationship to the music and to the piano are bound harmonically to great in... (See more...)
Pavel Gililov
World famous Pianist
Brilliant future
Alexander Gadjiev is that rarest of pianists and musicians: he combines virtuosity, control, intelligence, imagination, the ability to communicate wit... (See more...)
Jeffrey Swann
World famous Pianist
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